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The Challenge of Dissertation Writing

Writing a quality dissertation in English is a challenging task for any Indian student. Obviously, English is not their mother tongue, but not all leading universities and colleges in India allow their students to submit a dissertation in any language other than English. Particularly, when your chosen subject is related to science and technology, you have to write your dissertation or thesis in English. This is where the problem comes into view.

Yes, there is no doubt about your English writing capabilities, but when it comes to writing a dissertation in English many English-speaking students find it really difficult. This is obviously, because dissertation writing is different from the rest of the writing styles and formats. You may produce a quality term paper within an hour, but you can never finish a quality dissertation in a single day. Similarly, you may write a two-paged assignment in a very brief period, but producing quality and detailed dissertation or thesis takes time.

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  • Experienced PhD Researchers!

    Our team consists of the best dissertation writers and researchers with qualifications.


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Where to Get Necessary Help for Dissertation Writing

In fact, dissertation writing is the most specialized tasks ever assigned to any student in his educational career, and for an Indian student the same task seems to be a hard nut to crack due to the language difference. In fact, dissertation writing can be easily referred as a kind of technical writing, wherein non-technical subjects are also discussed technically. Other than technicalities, this has to be written in a language which is not your own. This is really a matter of worry as the majority of brilliant students in India get poor marks because of their poor skills in English writing.

At times when a language seems to be the main barrier, you require special help and assistance. In a national survey, it was apparently found that Indian students lack the required dissertation and thesis writing skills. The majority of Indian students from the leading Indian universities are unable to write a standard dissertation in English wherein the examples of such Indian universities are the University of Delhi, the University of Mumbai, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB).

An Online Academic Heaven for the Indian Students

Other than the language barrier, our universities and colleges in India do not give special training to students, which may help them write dissertations and thesis in professional manners. The great teachers and scholars support our Indian universities and colleges, but they lay less emphasis on teaching how to write a quality dissertation and thesis. Despite having sufficient knowledge and theoretical clarity, many promising students in India feel lots of difficulty in expressing their knowledge and information in the form of the dissertation.

The lack of practice negatively affects their entire academic performance unfortunately. Now for the first time in Indian educational history, DissertationExpress.co.uk is offering exclusive dissertation writing solutions to Indian students. These dissertation-writing services have been crafted as per the actual needs and requirements of the Indian students, and this will help them to success in their academic career to further degrees. Available at very nominal rates and prices, students in Indian can now equally benefit from an all-inclusive dissertation writing solution online.

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